Saturday, February 19, 2011

Exploring "Beyond the Text"

Welcome and thanks for reading the inaugural post here at Beyond the Text.  I've flirted with the idea of starting my own educational blog for some time now and it feels wonderful to finally get my plan off the ground.

A (brief) Introduction of the Author:

My name is Will Johnston and I am 24-years-old.  I am a recent graduate of Indiana University with a degree in Secondary Education English.  I am currently searching for a full-time teaching position.  My dream teaching job is in an urban middle school teaching English/ Language Arts. 

I am currently directing the Indiana University School of Education's production of Anna Deavere Smith's play Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992; an opportunity that has allowed me to explore the possibilities for theater and drama in the classroom.  

I am the founder and current alumni adviser for the Arts in Education Club at Indiana University- a club chartered with the task of promoting the arts and arts centered pedagogy in the classroom. 

About the Blog:

This blog is dedicated to exploring emerging notions of literacy- both in the classroom and out.  The goal is to understand literacy as more than simply reading and writing, but rather the myriad ways that people make sense of an ever-changing world.  My passion for this area of study was sparked by my friend and mentor Dr. Gus Weltsek, a researcher and practitioner at the forefront of the movement for an expansive understanding of literacy. 

This blog will explore and share new research and ideas from the field of literacy learning as well as interesting news about educational technology, 21st Century Learning, and mobile/decentralized education.  Also, check-in for weekly post on transmediation strategies and lesson plans for including extra-textual literacy events in your classroom.

This blog is intended to be an extension of my Personal Learning Network (a topic I'll be exploring throughout this blog) and it is my hope that this virtual space will help to facilitate a dialogue between educators, parents, and students about notions of emerging literacy practices.  Like any dialogue this blog is meant to be an ongoing conversation with anyone who is willing to participate.  I look forward to your comments, critiques, and ideas. 

I'm excited to begin this exploration with you, the web community at large, and know that we can learn so much from each other.


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